Our Philosophy

  •  In each of our training programs all Dogs are started with basic obedience,  the proper introduction to birds and gunfire, e-collar conditioning and handling in and out of the field  with whistle and verbal commands.  Carl has personally trained most of all the  pointing and flushing breeds and is familiar with the breed specific differences  in each individual type dog. Not every dog is the same, and not all dogs will  respond to the same training techniques. Here is where most novice trainers  fail. If your dog doesn't conform to your set regimented training program, or  what the book or video says, he may end up scared, confused, untrained or even  ruined. It has often been said that dog training is as much an art as a science.  It is this ability to move away from a set program, think outside the box and  develop a personal program tailored to meet the needs of your individual dog,  which separates an average trainer from a great one.   
  • Body language is extremely important in training a dog.  Teaching your dog in a language he understands is of paramount importance. Every  move or gesture you make is speaking to your dog and it is watched by the dog.  In order to train a dog effectively you must understand how dogs think and what  they understand.  Knowing  and speaking the instinctual language a dog understands will help your dog  understand what you want from him. He must understand that you are his pack  leader and must obey your commands willingly and enjoy the reward of pleasing  his pack leader. Learning to read your dog and him understand you will earn your  dogs respect without causing fear and make a life long partnership between you  and your dog. It will also make your hunts more enjoyable and successful.  

Training Programs

Puppy Head Start


For your young pups 4-6 months old

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Foundation Training


For your young hunters initial training program.

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Steady to Wing & Shot


Breaking your dog Steady to Wing and Shot. A finished trained dog.

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Force Breaking to Retrieve

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Field Trial Training


Field Trial Training and Campaigning

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Basic Obedience


Basic Obedience commands like "Heel", "Sit", "Stay" and "Here"

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