Steady to wing and shot


  •  Steady to Wing and Shot means your dog will find   birds, hold point until you arrive, stay pointing through the Flush,  Shot and Kill, and will remain steady until you release it to  Retrieve. In training your dog to become "Steady to Wing  and Shot", the dog will first be "Whoa" broke. The dog will then be trained in the field on birds to hold through the shot, the kill and  finally until the retrieve command is given, in actual hunting conditions to get  him or her Steady to "Wing and Shot". When your dogs training is finished it will handle in and out of the field, be steady to wing and shot and retrieve to hand. This training also includes personal one on one step by step training for the owner, to teach you how to keep the dog broke and includes as many follow up sessions as necessary. These dogs will handle kindly, point birds and hold steady to wing and shot in order to insure your dogs safety and will look and be the quality dog you will be proud to own. These finished broke dogs can also be  taught to "Honor" another dog's point, and to "Stop to Wild Flush"  as additional training to produce the "Complete Hunting Dog".   When the dog goes home, again we instruct the owner in how to  maintain the training, keep the dog in good physical condition, and  sensible ways to begin hunting with the dog. Training Fees are $600.00 per month for 4 months including birds.