Foundation training


Detail of our Program

 The "Foundation Training" program is for young dogs starting at 10-12  months old. This is where formal training begins. Your dog will be  taught to handle in and out of the field off leash and  on whistle and verbal commands. They will be taught to turn on command in the direction you want them to go, to come back to you  any time you call them, and point and stand birds until they run off, fly off or you shoot them. This dog will be ready to hunt on  wild birds after this program but is not broke "Steady to Shot".  We develop the dog's natural pointing instinct, the dog's patience  on point, and bring out his or her natural retrieving ability in  these sessions. Your dog will be trained on a check cord at first and then trained with an e-collar to handle off leash when he is done. Before the dog goes home, we instruct the owner in how to  maintain the training, keep the dog in good physical condition, and sensible ways to begin hunting with his dog. This training also  includes one on one personal training   sessions for the owner and dog until both dog and handler are working  as a team and includes as many follow up sessions as needed.  Training  Fees are $600.00 per month for 3 months and includes birds.