Field trail training

Futurity Dogs


Futurity dogs are just starting there field trial career. Most have either been Broke Steady to Wing and Shot or are right there. These are the proving grounds for their future as Field Trial Dogs. 

The Field Trial Training program


 Carl  Porter does  training on puppy/derby dogs, gun dogs, shooting dogs, and all age dogs.  These dogs can be trained and campaigned on a national and regional  level or trained for local field trials by Carl so your dog can  be campaigned locally and you can handle your dog on your own. All  basic training is started on foot and then your dog will be trained and  handled on horseback to get the most out of your Field Trial Dog.  Training fees are $600.00 per month. Entry fees and transportation fees  are separate.

Summer Training for Field Trial Season


Summer training for the Field trial dogs begins in July getting dogs in shape and starting the bird work on horseback. 

Winter Training between Trials


Stopping at select spots between trials to train on wild birds always helps keep these dogs in shape and fine tuned.

Open All Age Winners


All age dogs are the premier Field Trial Dogs. Most competition and hunting dogs come from this background. These dogs are truly the most exciting dogs to run. I was once told by an old field trialer, "these dogs are exciting but aren't fun". They can truly put you to the test mentally and physically. But to train and win with these big running dogs it truly is an exceptional gift to handle them to a win. They are the most athletic dogs in our breed and truly a special gift to our breed.

Results of Training!


With all the training, being on the road driving, bad weather days, good weather days, being away from family, it all comes down to this. All the hard work paying off for the owners and the trainer.