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Beginning training on a check cord

In each of our training programs all Dogs are started with basic obedience, the proper introduction to birds and gunfire, e-collar conditioning and handling in and out of the field with whistle and verbal commands. Carl has personally trained most of all the pointing and flushing breeds and is familiar with the breed specific differences in each individual type dog. Not every dog is the same, and not all dogs will respond to the same training techniques. Here is where most novice trainers fail. If your dog doesn't conform to your set regimented training program, or what the book or video says, he may end up scared, confused, untrained or even ruined. It has often been said that dog training is as much an art as a science. It is this ability to move away from a set program, think outside the box and develop a personal program tailored to meet the needs of your individual dog, which separates an average trainer from a great one.

Body language is extremely important in training a dog. Teaching your dog in a language he understands is of paramount importance. Every move or gesture you make is speaking to your dog and it is watched by the dog. In order to train a dog effectively you must understand how dogs think and what they understand.  Knowing and speaking the instinctual language a dog understands will help your dog understand what you want from him. He must understand that you are his pack leader and must obey your commands willingly and enjoy the reward of pleasing his pack leader. Learning to read your dog and him understand you will earn your dogs respect without causing fear and make a life long partnership between you and your dog. It will also make your hunts more enjoyable and successful.

Our "Foundation Series", "Steady to Wing and Shot", "Honor" and "Stop to Wild Flush" will produce a complete gun dog and a magnificent "Hunting" experience for you and your dog in the field for many years and memories to last a lifetime. These complete hunting dogs can then be hunted on wild birds or at your favorite Hunt Club. During the dog training we feed all our dogs one of the highest quality dog food available. Presently we are feeding Diamonds "Hy-Energy during the Hunting Season and in the off season to give your dog all the Nutrition and Vitamins it will need during and after the hunting season . Our training is for Bird Dogs and their Owners and our relationship with our clients doesn't end when you drive away. Our clients are welcome to return with their dogs to keep their dogs tuned up anytime they want year round without charge.                                                                  
"Head Start Program"

Developing Wilson's "Natural Instincts"

Our "Head Start" program is for young 4-6 month old dogs. We introduce your young dog to birds, pointing, whistles, check cords, field commands and only if its ready the proper introduction to gunfire. This exposure is for developing your dog's natural instincts and involves no corrections. An extremely important part of a puppies development is to enjoy all the new hunting experiences without any pressure. At the end of your dogs introductory work when you come to pick up your dog, we will spend time working with you and your dog together. We will instruct you on what "to" work on and what "not" to work on at home to prepare your dog for the more advanced training. This introductory work is designed to educate your pup on how to get the most out of his or her early sessions.  During this critical stage of rapid development we lay the foundation for a great hunting dog. A poorly started pup often will be unsuccessful in their later training. The Training Fee is $600.00 for the one month introductory course.

"Foundation Training"

Gracie showing off her "Foundation Training"

The "Foundation Training" program is for young dogs starting at 10-12 months old. This is where formal training begins. Your dog will be taught to handle in and out of the field off leash and on whistle and verbal commands. They will be taught to turn on command in the direction you want them to go, to come back to you any time you call them, and point and stand birds until they run off, fly off or you shoot them. This dog will be ready to hunt on wild birds after this program but is not broke "Steady to Shot".  We develop the dog's natural pointing instinct, the dog's patience on point, and bring out his or her natural retrieving ability in these sessions. Your dog will be trained on a check cord at first and then trained with an e-collar to handle off leash when he is done. Before the dog goes home, we instruct the owner in how to maintain the training, keep the dog in good physical condition, and sensible ways to begin hunting with his dog. This training also includes one on one personal training sessions for the owner and dog until both dog and handler are working as a team and includes as many follow up sessions as needed.  Training Fees are $600.00 per month for 3 months and includes birds.

"Steady To Wing And Shot"

Teaching "Steady to Wing and Shot"

Steady to Wing and Shot means your dog will find birds, hold point until you arrive, stay pointing through the Flush, Shot and Kill, and will remain steady until you release it to Retrieve. In training your dog to become "Steady to Wing and Shot", the dog will first be "Whoa" broke. The dog will then be trained in the field on birds to hold through the shot, the kill and finally until the retrieve command is given, in actual hunting conditions to get him or her Steady to "Wing and Shot". When your dogs training is finished it will handle in and out of the field, be steady to wing and shot and retrieve to hand. This training also includes personal one on one step by step training for the owner, to teach you how to keep the dog broke and includes as many follow up sessions as necessary. These dogs will handle kindly, point birds and hold steady to wing and shot in order to insure your dogs safety and will look and be the quality dog you will be proud to own. These finished broke dogs can also be taught to "Honor" another dog's point, and to "Stop to Wild Flush" as additional training to produce the "Complete Hunting Dog". When the dog goes home, again we instruct the owner in how to maintain the training, keep the dog in good physical condition, and sensible ways to begin hunting with the dog. Training Fees are $600.00 per month for 4 months including birds.


Force Breaking to Retreive
"Hank" Retrieving to hand

We do Force Breaking to Retrieve for dogs that do not retrieve naturally, or is a little lazy on his or her retrieve. Training Fee is a flat $1000.00.



Field Trial Training and Campaigning
Carl Porter and Eldon Hongo, one of the countries top field trial trainers, do training on puppy/derby dogs, gun dogs, shooting dogs, and all age dogs. These dogs can be trained and campaigned on a national and regional level by Eldon or trained for local field trials by Carl so your dog can be campaigned locally and you can handle your dog on your own. All basic training is started on foot and then your dog will be trained and handled on horseback to get the most out of your Field Trial Dog. Training fees are $500.00 per month. Entry fees and transportation fees are separate.


Basic Obedience & Boarding

Ritter working on ObedienceBasic obedience training is teaching your dog to "Come Here", "Sit", "Stay" and "Heel". This is a one month minimum course and the fee is $550 per month. We instruct you how to discipline and work with your dog in an organized, step-by-step program. Pre-scheduled, one-on-one, owner training sessions with you and the trainer are included in the fee, including as many follow up sessions you may need. Obedience training helps make dogs more manageable and responsive to commands. An obedient dog is a joy to own and a rewarding family companion. Feel free to call Carl and he will be happy to discuss what training solutions may be available to address your dog's specific needs.


Kennel Building

Boarding is also available for your hunting dog or your pet. Long term Boarding  fee is $500.00 per month or $20 per day. Your dog will be kept indoors in a safe, secure, spacious, clean,  heated/cooled kennel building along with an outside secured exercise yards. They will be fed your food or one of the best dog foods available, Diamonds "Hy-Energy" that we feed our dogs here. Every dog at our kennel is required to be current on DHL, Parvo, and Rabies shots. We offer a wide selection of training and exercise programs for your dog, while he or she is boarding with us. Whether you are going on a long vacation or just a few days, you can be confident your dog is being well cared for, is secure at all times and exercised at the level he is accustomed to. Our kennel is suitable to house medium to large size dogs of all breeds. We will be happy to administer special food or medication, that you provide for your dog as per your instructions at no additional charge.  Your dogs weight, health and temperament will be monitored daily and any changes needed will be made immediately to keep your dog as healthy as possible. We recommend that you don't bring an expensive pet bed, but your dog's favorite old blanket (wintertime) and one toy are fine.


"And the fox said to the little prince: men have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."

- Antoine De Saint-Exupery

at carl@huntingdogtrainer.net

760-885-1612 - 760-885-5924


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Sign up for "Summer" or "Winter Camp"



June - October

Carl will be taking dogs for the Summer Camp Training starting mid May. Training starts in Lucerne Valley until mid June and off to the High Sierra's they go. He will stay and train there until the end of September. All customers are welcome to come out and camp with him and enjoy the beautiful High Sierra's and all they have to offer. Fishing , Hunting, motels and restaurants are all within 30 minutes of our camp site. Carl trains in the High Sierras of California for 12-14 weeks to escape the heat in Southern CA and to work dogs on wild and liberated birds. He is accepting dogs until Mid May for this trip. Book early, so you can be sure to get a spot.


November - January

Carl travels to Arizona or So. California in Winter for 4-6 weeks to work dogs on wild and liberated quail. The winter camp will start in late November, early December to train Hunting and Field Trial dogs alike. This session will last through January. Be sure to call and get your dog booked for a trip to winter camp.


Both these camps are an excellent opportunity for your dog to be worked on wild quail during the wild bird season, and away from the extreme weather conditions that make training impossible in much of the country during summer. We also offer you as an owner, a chance to "get away from it all". Come up with us and your dog to camp out, hunt, and train.

Both Summer and Winter camps are for Foot Hunting Dogs as well as National Caliber Field Trial Dog training.

These winter and summer training programs are great for developing gun dogs and field trial dogs alike. Your dogs will gain experience and knowledge with high quality training and plenty of liberated and wild birds. Give your dog the winning edge. Call us today.

For the remainder of the year all other Bird Dog Training is done at our Training Kennels in Lucerne Valley, CA. Our own 20 acre training and boarding facility surrounded by thousands of acres of unfenced, open high desert, wild bird habitat for training your dog on grounds very similar to your favorite hunting spots. 

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Kennel Interior      

          1400 sq.ft. Indoor Kennel Building                   Outdoor Training grounds.

 Lucerne Valley Exercise Yard          Lucerne Valley Dog Training Facility

  Outdoor Exercise Yards


We train all Pointing and Flushing Breeds

German Shorthair Pointers

English Pointers
English Pointer "Scooter"

American Brittany Spaniels
Brittney Spaniel "Roscoe"


French Brittany's




Flushing Labradors
Flushing Labs

at carl@huntingdogtrainer.net

(All photo's and info of Eldon Hongo courtesy of Hongo Bird Dogs L.L.C.)


Carl & Ophelia Porter
P.O. Box 1882
12401 Fairlane Road
Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

Licensed Kennel with the County of San Bernardino

State of California

760-885-1612 - 760-885-5924
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