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Summer Camp "2012"

Home from Summer Camp 2012 with new stories, new dogs and new pictures. It started out with a bang. A fire less than a mile away started from a lightning strike got all of our attention. After that it was a hot dry summer with very little vegetation and almost no rain all summer. We still had some nice dogs and great fun with past and present friends and customers training, eating Bar B Que and laughing and telling tall stories. Here are some of this years dogs. Hope you like there pictures.



Jeff Cribben's "Joker" in Breaking him Steady to Wing and Shot


Adolfo Barajas' Molly broke at 1 year old.



Sean Richards "Nate" in Head Start Training



Chris Stone's "Major" in Foundation Training


Randy Quantarrow's "Hondo" in Foundation Training



Lalo Lopez's "Max" in Foundation Training


Boone England's "Indy" in Foundation Training


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