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"FC Harley VI"

1st Place Open All Age

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Reno


 Harley Finishes First and My Hunting Buddy finishes 2nd at the GSP of Reno trial. Both dogs ran huge races, handled at extreme range and were flawless in the call back's. Harley was chasing the one retrieving point and instead got a 3 point major retrieving stake win to finish his Field Championship. As most of you know, it is extremely hard to finish an All Age dog due to their range. Many times they run beyond the bird planting or get lost on course due to the range and speed they run. These dogs have to do it on their own and all the stars line up. The Reno trial was Harleys long overdue win. Congratulations to him and Chris Smith riding his horse into the ground trying to get him turned at the back end of the course. This is one of a very few true All Age dogs here on the West Coast. Good job "Big Dog". You earned every bit of it that day.


FC Harley VI win record.


Second Place Open All Age "Buddy"


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