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 "Sage Grouse 2011"

    This years Sage Grouse hunt was another productive year for the lucky ones that got drawn to the Southern Mono County area. This is a two day season with a one bird limit. Roy Yamamoto and Sean Richards, Brad Nave and his son Daniel got drawn as a group this year leaving Juan Menendez and his son Junior with no permit but trained with the guys.  Roy, Sean and Juan's dogs Iris, Pepper, Morgan and Molly, who were all trained here at Hunting Dog Trainer.net, went out to train on Saturday with the "lucky ones" Roy and Sean.  Mike Sornborger and his dog Gus (trained here also), who hunted with a different party also were drawn to South Mono County, 

Another group, Jeff Cribben and his Brother-in-law Ulysses came out with Ulysses getting drawn for the Northern Mono County area. He too got a real nice hen that was taken right close to our summer training grounds. Both Jeff's dogs were in training this summer so they were not allowed a furlough to hunt so Ulysses got his bird on foot alone. Good job guys.

Hi All,
Well here's a few pics of our Sage Grouse hunt in the South Mono draw that Sean, Brad, Daniel and myself were lucky enough to have gotten. Juan and JC joined us even thou they did not get drawn, but it was a good opportunity for them to work Molly on some wild birds and they did enjoy themselves. We all drove up Friday night and stayed in Bishop. Saturday mourning found ourselves having breakfast at Jacks before heading up to Crawley.
The area we hunted is on the northwest shore of Crawley Lake off of Benton road, an area that I've seen birds at since I was 8 years old. We did see 200 plus birds in approximately 1 square mile area that we hunted. We spent most of Saturday working dogs and getting a lot of excercise chasing these birds around. Once the birds were up and flying, they would easily fly a good 1000 yards away. The scenting condition for Saturday was fair at best with very little wind that would change directions, what seemed like every 15 minutes. We would work the dogs and birds would be flushing wild, anywhere from a few yards away to a couple of hundred yards away, 360 degrees around us. These birds are very hard for the dogs to pin down, as they run a lot and I believe their scent is a tough one for the dogs to pin down. Seeing so many birds and knowing the area, we knew not to shoot the very first bird you saw, so we took our time and tried to pick out a large older bird to shoot for a mount. So Saturday was a training day for the dogs and us, as we chose not to shoot any birds until Sunday.
Saturday evening found us having dinner up at Angel's in Mammoth and staying at the Econo lodge for the night. Juan and JC couldn't stay the night as Juan had a business trip he had to go on, and his flight was Sunday mourning, but he did stay for dinner before heading out. That's a marathon, to come up for a day and head back out, but I think they really enjoyed it and were glad to get Molly out for a good pre-season run.
Sunday mourning we all had breakfast at the Stove, before heading back down to get our trophy birds. The weather was cooler and conditions were better as it rained during the night and left a little moisture on the ground.
This time we drove down closer to the lake, parked our vehicles, got all the dogs staked out and discussed how we wanted to approach the area. We all headed in different directions and figured we could call each other by radio if we got into the birds.
Sean and Morgan headed toward the lake, I went southwest with Pepper and Mia along a meadow, and Brad, Daniel, and Chile were on there way westerly. It wasn't long before we all started getting into birds thou, and as we kept going, we were trying to get the right bird at the most opportune time. Sean was the first to score a nice male on a stop to flush with Morgan after seeing around 50 birds in the area he was in. I waited a little longer as I had Mia out there putting up bird after bird after bird, but it was an invaluable lesson for her with multiple finds. She probably pointed and put up 30 to 40 birds and had a great time doing it. I was hoping she would finally stop and just hold point, but that didn't happen, every bird that was flying, she was going to go in that direction. One good thing is that she would keep me in sight and come to the front to point and put up more birds. Well Pepper pointed and held and I could whoa her to a stop, but most of the birds were out of gun range and flushing wild. After an hour or so, I took them both back and brought out Iris and Faith.
Brad was out with his son Daniel on his first ever hunt and was looking for a good bird for him. Daniel got some shots off on a few birds but didn't connect, until he decided to close his eyes on a bird that did go down! Brad soon followed and finally decided to put a bird in the bag. Although Brads bird was not a large adult bird, he said after awhile you see so many and they start to all look the same.
I finally shot my bird as Sean, Morgan, Faith, Iris and I were heading back towards the trucks, 4 birds got up and were looking extra large, so I aimed at what looked like a larger slower bird, shot and put it down, and yes it was a nice large adult male that I will have mounted.
All in all it was a most enjoyable trip, as the company and weather was outstanding. So if you get a chance to get drawn one of these years, it is well worth it, even for just one bird!!
Good Hunting All!!,,,,,,,,,Later,,,,Roy


Roy and Iris with the "Big One"

Pepper on Point


Sean Richards "Morgan" with her Sage Grouse

Now there's a Happy Camper !


Hot and Heavy action !

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