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NGDC FC HK's Rockin Rocky  


(1996 -2011)

Hi All,
Well the Rock has crossed over to his Field of Dreams, I'll miss him on every hunt I make. It was a Great ride!! He was so good on chukars, his favorite, and mine too. He made me look good out there, and sometimes foolish too!
They say you only get one great dog in your lifetime, but I beg to differ, I was lucky to have 3 (Ginger, Zuni, and the Rock) and hopefully many more. They all have a place in your heart like family and they make their mark. Luckily there are a lot of his gets out there and I still have one of them.
I thank the Deiterings for giving me the chance to own such fine dogs, and to Eldon and Carl for their relentless training. I hope that I can do justice in carrying on that fine line of dogs.
He loved the Field Trialing, but I think he just loved hunting and being out in the fields, cuz that's where I think he shined.
It's always hard when you lose one like him, but I think I'll miss him more when the season starts and he's not on my chain gang.
See you Rockster,,,,
Roy Yamamoto

Roy Yamamoto's NGDC/FC HK'S Rockin Rocky was a direct son of NFC/FC Slick Willy and a grandson of FC Rockin Rollin Billy. He possessed some of the most athletic qualities of any Shooting dog in America even now. He had a natural flair for hunting the high rocky chukar hills and a great nose for all breeds of quail. He had been hunted all his life by Roy as well as field trialed by Eldon Hongo until he won the NGDC in Marsing ID in 2005. This dog was as tough as they come, as good a nose for wild birds as it gets and the desire that was unparalleled. His style was incredible, and his drive and stamina unmatched.

Rocky from the very beginning was a dog that always wanted to reach out to the far ridges. On a hunt when he was just a pup, Roy and I had taken a break from hunting our older dogs Roy decides to let his new pup Rocky go for a walk. Hah, About an hour and a half later and two ridges over Roy comes back with his pup. So started the saga of Rocky's hunting (And Roy's new athletic program). No matter where you took him he always seemed to know they were "Up There", and he rarely let you down. Even in the bad years for Chukar that dog could find birds. During his Field Trial career I scouted him for Eldon dozens of times. Rocky was either on Fire or gone looking for Chukar at some distant hill. He was always exciting and a pleasure to find on point. Once in Marsing ID at Mile Post 9 Region 9 Shooting Dog Championship, Eldon and I were at the line ready to cast him off and I told Eldon, I am going up there (pointing to the hog back ridge) cause I know that's were he wants to go. Sure enough, found him standing on a covey of Chukar so high that the judge and handler took fifteen minutes to get to us and both of their horses were so tired they were almost done for the day and this was the Rock's first find. In his later years Roy would come up near my summer camps and go fishing and leave his dogs for the weekend. Rocky and I would go for walks in the evening (with the e-collar on) and he was always as obedient as the gentleman he was, go and pick over all the left over's and to see if there were any left over birds in the training area. On his last trip up to my summer camp I told him good bye in our own special way because I knew it would be the last time I would see him alive. He was getting old and having said good bye to many of my own dogs I could tell his time was short. Turns out he passed away about a week later. To me Rocky wasn't just a National Gun Dog Champion he was one of my best friends hunting dog. One that we spent many hours hunting, talking and laughing about and saw many a bird go down behind his points. Enjoying him running so far out you would only see a speck. Then, "Point"! I'd yell, glad he's your dog Roy and not mine..... lol. He will always be in our hearts and in our stories and will be dearly missed on the chain gang. Good luck to you old man, I am sure the Lord will be very pleased with his new hunting dog....


Rest in Peace my Friend

Carl Porter


Rocky, The Mean Lean National Field Trial Machine in his prime.






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