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 "Sage Grouse 2011"

    This years Sage Grouse hunt was another productive year for the lucky ones that got drawn to the Southern Mono County area. This is a two day season with a one bird limit. Roy Yamamoto and Sean Richards got drawn together this year while working their dogs Iris, Pepper and Morgan along with Mike Sornborger and his dog Gus who hunted with a different party, that were all trained here at Hunting Dog Trainer.net.  Juan and Junior went out to train on Saturday with the "lucky ones" Roy and Sean along with Brad and his son Daniel who also got drawn as a group.

Everyone got into birds on Saturday for a great day of training and scouting out the "Big One" for Sundays hunt. All five guys Roy, Sean, Brad, Daniel an Mike got their birds on Sunday with Roy getting the "Big One" on Sunday. All in all they sounded like they had a great weekend and saw plenty of birds. Good luck next year Juan and Junior. Hope you get drawn with that little "fireball" Molly that just finished her training last summer and is already hunting wild Chukar, Quail, Mountain Quail and now Sage Grouse.

Another group, Jeff Cribben and his Brother-in-law Ulysses came out with Ulysses getting drawn for the Northern Mono County area. He too got a real nice hen that was taken right close to our summer training grounds. Both Jeff's dogs were in training this summer so they were not allowed a furlough to hunt so Ulysses got his bird on foot alone. Good job guys.

Roy and Iris with the "Big One"


Sean Richards "Morgan" with her Sage Grouse


Hot and Heavy action !

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