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"Million Dollar Smile"

Juan Menendez Jr. & "Molly"


We had a great time today… Hunted our rear ends off… I think I’m ready for a little flat land workJ

 Dog training…. A lot

Electronics for dog…. A lot

Fuel to get to hunt and back (numerous times)…. A lot, a lot…..

 Having JC shoot Molly’s first Chukar…    Absolutely PRICELESS

Thanks Carl, we had a great time. These are memories my son and I will never forget, you just can’t put a price on that. I still remember hunting with my dad and the great times we had..

We still need to work on her retrieve. She will find the bird but like we saw in training, she picks it up and bring it back only half way, drops it and won’t pick it up again. Roy recommends working with her the rest of this season and possible early next season and see how she does. Then consider force retrieve training.

 What do you think?

 BTW: Molly is doing a an awesome job! She listens very well to commands. It’s incredible to see her “yo” 120yd outJ  She “wo’s” extremely well for a pup. She ran into a covey of Chukar 150yds out and was on point, held for several minutes however we couldn’t get over there in time. One bird flushed, she held, then a covey of 30 birds just exploded, she couldn’t resist and took off…. I didn’t shock her just let her have fun.


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