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Mike and Gus in S. Dakota


Hi Carl;
Just got back from S.D. We had a great trip and hunt on sharptails, chicken, and pheasant. Gus took to prairie hunting really well, ranged out but within reason.....had his nose down in the grass just sucking up all the scent especially when we got to the pheasant areas. Got 4 grouse, 3 sharptails, and 1 chicken all over points. He held his points and was steady to flush, in fact if the bird flushed wild on his point he would just stand there and watch it. He also did a good job retrieving to me, wasn't sure how he would handle a big bird like a grouse or pheasant but no hesitation in fact he brought back some that were still flapping their wings! He would also plow right into the tule sloughs although I tried to keep him out as it got a bit crazy in there with birds flying every which way and I couldn't always follow him in to some thick parts. He traveled 4,000 miles on the back seat of the truck sleeping most of the time, never making a peep and slept soundly in strange places without whining or waking me up in the middle of the night......awesome dog! I will try attaching some pics. Congrats on the article about buying a started dog in Gun Dog mag, hopefully that will get you some more business.


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