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"Handler Day"

After summer camp a few of the dog owners from the summer session came out to the ranch to get their training. We had a great time in a very relaxed environment. Its very good when we can train the handler more than a session or two in summer camp. Being able to concentrate on the handler now that the dogs are trained is a great advantage for the team, dog and handler. I spent time with each individual handler watching for minute details now that both have had time to work together to fine tune each individual dog and handler. These guys were great and take suggestion and direction extremely well and are eager as there dogs to learn. It makes for a great team when all are on the same page and these guys and there dogs are well on their way to becoming great hunting teams. Here are some of the photos during our session as each was handling his dog and even some expert advise from my good friend and hunting partner Roy Yamamoto on how to boot up your dogs for the rocky terrain at most Chukar hunting spots. Roy did a fine job of helping each of the new dogs and owners since they were very very young which gave both a huge jump start. Thank you to all that came out and come out anytime guys. I enjoyed having you out and look forward to more good times together.

Carl Porter

Trainer/Co breeder


Juan and Tim learning more advanced handling


Ken putting to practice  a new handling technique


Juan and Junior putting instruction to work.

Roy teaching the proper technique of "Booting up your Dog"

NGDC Rocky thinks he's going hunting.... That's mean Roy.....lol


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