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"My Hunting Buddy III"

 Matt Smiths "Buddy". takes second at the Vizsla Club of No California field trial on the weekend of March 26-28th. Buddy is a very nice dog that is border line All Age but runs a really nice Shooting Dog race. The grounds at Kistler Ranch lend themselves to this type dog. Big open country, distant objectives and cover for birds. Buddy loves this type country and shows really well at grounds like this. He had a powerful breakaway and showed up to the front at the first turn. Blowing him on we see him at about 400 yards to the front headed for the corner hill in which most dogs ignore. After his find at this spot with a shot killed bird, and a retrieve he was watered at one of the many water sources on these grounds. Sent ahead he of course blasts off to take the front again and meets us at the thick covered tree area. He works every inch of this area thoroughly and is found standing at 26 minutes high and tight. Time was called after the bird work and he was awarded a second place for his performance and effort. Very nice job. He should to do many great things in this young dogs future.


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