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Loki and Harley both take "Second" at Kistler Ranch.


"Huachuka Loki" 2nd Place OAA High Sierra GSPC,

Kistler Ranch, Jamestown, CA

"Harley VI"  Second Place OAA GWP of No California

Kistler Ranch, Jamestown, CA

Call Back's

Both Harley and Loki place 2nd in the two Open All Age trials in Jamestown, CA at the beautiful Kistler Ranch. Both dogs had great forward race, found at the back end of the course when called from way off and both took the front to find birds. Both had perfect manners on their birds and did well in the call back to retrieve after the two stakes were over. Harley only had one bird find at the back end of the course and was found at time starting a second lap on the course. Loki had 3 beautiful finds all to the front and a powerful finish. Both dogs showed very well in this open country type course and we are looking forward to seeing them again in the desert trials. Below are more pics of the ranch.


   Leroy with J.T. going on to win the OAA           Matt getting ready to run "Buddy" in AGD

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