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Mike Rosario's "Jaeger" update



It has been about six months since we last spoke.  I wanted to give you a quick update on Jaeger.  I took him out to a local pheasant club today and he was fantastic.  We went two for three on pheasants today.  Two for three is fantastic on Jaeger's first pheasant hunt and at seven months old. 
It was around 80 degrees with no wind.  The first rooster we came across, was holding tight about five yards from a dead carcass which looks like a hawk just got a hold of.  I completely understand why Jaeger didn't hold a point.  As Jaeger was turning from the carcass to the live rooster, the bird was spooked and flew into a tree line.  Jaeger gave chase but returned after I called for him because the bird flew too far and I didn't want him to spook any birds between them. 
After a quick water break, the wind began to pick up. Not a lot of wind but enough to spread the birds' scent around the field.  I took Jaeger along the fringe of the field so we can get into the cross-winds.  He began to quarter around twenty-five yards from left to right.  He finally picked up a scent and followed it around fifty yards in front of me.  He held point about 7-10 yards from the bird until I got to there to kick it up.  I whiffed the first and second shot but hit it with my third shot.  (Thank God for Hi-Base)  He didn't retrieve but he did mark and cover the bird. 
After sweeping the field, we made it to the opposite fringe of the field.  He was quartering perfectly with high energy and his nose to the ground.  He was running at full speed and made a quick turn and held point, a little closer, around five yards.  I got there as the bird took off and, again, I whiffed my first shot but hit the bird with my second.  Jaeger marked and covered the bird. 
I have a lot of work to do with him but for the most part he is all dog.  He is quartering at a nice distance for me.  One thing I noticed, I can point my hands in the direction I want him to go and he will adjust, turn, and run in that vicinity.  He is way smarter than any other dog I've hunted with because I never trained him on hand signals, it just came naturally.  He holds his point on birds and waits for me to kick them up.  I need to continue on his WHOA and play a little more ball with him so he learns to retrieve better.  I know he is only seven months old but he performs like an older dog. 
I've altered our everyday walk on a leash around the neighborhood.  Now, I walk him on a leash to the middle school across the street from my house.  Once I get into the fenced area of the school, I release him from the leash.  I walk up and down the field as Jaeger quarters in front of me.  He knows to stay in front of me because at the beginning, I used your little singing trick and followed him where ever he went. 
Thank you for all your help and tips with training this wonderful dog, not to mention breeding Buster and Juice.  I sent a couple pictures of him holding point today.  Imagine that, he was holding point on these birds as I shoot pictures of him!  (HAHA)  The picture of his second point is a haunting resemblance of his dad Buster.  Check them out and let me know what you think.
Thanks again!





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