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Dennis Brown & Erroll Balance's dogs

"South Dakota Slam"

                           I sent you these pictures of the two puppies and my older dogs. This is there second season hunting in South Dakota and OH MY GOD!!! if only you could of seen the REACTION of your fine breading. Yes we did a lot of work but the breeding made all the difference. We hunted those young females 8 hours from 10am  till 630pm that evening and they ran hard and I mean hard all day, fast never missed a point backed and honored my older dogs as far as 20 to 30 yards away. Lisa the blaze faced pup pointed her first grouse and of course I knocked it down and she made a beautiful retrieve. Carl your choice and planned breed is unreal. Stay true to our trade and other upland hunters across our great states of breeding only the best DNA in the GERMAN SHORTHAIR BREED. CARL it is a honor to know you.

Your friends .



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