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Summer Camp "2009"

Summer is coming to a close and we will be headed home soon. We had a great summer, some wonderful dogs, meet some really neat new friends and had a wonderful time again as usual. Here are some photos of the later training and some of the more experienced dogs. Also here are some photos of the locals up here whom we meet and had great times with laughing and telling funny stories. See you all at home. 

(Click over any picture to enlarge)



          Coltrane's breakaway                             Headed Home after the brace "Whew"


           Teaching Buddy to Back                      Nice Honor

             Buddy doing it "Pony Express" style

           Buddy waiting for the pointing dog      Buddy "Pony Express" Style


           Buddy "Out on a Limb"                         "Steady to Wing and Shot"


           Coltrane "Out on a Limb"                     "Steady to Wing and Shot"


           Rowdy "High and Tight"                        "Steady to Wing and Shot"


           Harley WAY out on a Limb                   Working Thick Cover


           The  4 "Boys"                                        Morning visits from the locals.

           A Boy and a Dog Jose de Jesus

                        A Boy and a Dog                                 Jose de Jesus "Chuey"

           Ilario De la Cruz

          "Famoso"  posing with his band  $5                                Ilario

           Hugo's Band

                 Hugo "Disiocho" & Lassie                    Hugo's Band at the meadow.

           Momma & Baby  2 Young Antelope

           Momma & Baby                                     A closer look

Valley Quail on the road

Leading the way home!



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