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Another Buster X Juice pup

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  at carl@huntingdogtrainer.net


Ty rights about his new pup.


Hi Carl.

Here is a pic of my pup I got from you. He is awesome and 
looks it on point too. I saw you summer camp photos. Looks like fun. 
I'd still like to come down there next summer and have you check him 
out. He is scarred of nothing and tough as hell. He is a little bull 
headed but he is getting the point that I am boss. He is going to be big 
but hopefully not too big. You can tell he is going to be built too. 
Keep in touch, and I'll keep you posted on him. How is your pup from 
the litter? Have you heard from any of the others? Ty

(Click over Pedigree to Enlarge)

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Carl & Ophelia Porter
P.O. Box 1882
12401 Fairlane Road
Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
760-885-1612 - 760-885-5924

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