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 "Harley" and "Buddy" both place at SJGSP Trial in McKittrick, CA


Both Buddy and Harley placed in the San Jacinto German Shorthair Pointer Club trial the weekend of 3/6/09. Harley who ran Friday afternoon had a humungous race. One that scared the handler, scout and the judge.  He started out with a typical All Age breakaway to be seen on the top of the hill to the front standing a bird. As handler and gunners dismounted his bird popped out and flew away to be blanked instead of shot. Sent on his typical all age move sent him to the front and disappeared. At about 15 minutes we found him standing again to the front on course in heavy cover. This time his manners showed his desire to win and stood flat footed throughout the flush, shot and kill. Retrieve was ok, but got it back after spitting out a mouth full of feathers first. Watered and rested his next move was at least a mile out going forward on his own with power to spare. He was rounded up to make the next turn and finished way, way out front and had to be chased down to slow him down to get him back to camp.

"My Hunting Buddy III"
My Hunting Buddy III
3rd place in 36 dog OGD stake

Buddy had a phenomenal race and bird work and only due to the high caliber of bird dogs in competition that weekend ended up with a 3rd place. His breakaway was great, as he and his brace mate found birds almost simultaneously. After the brace mates bird was shot and retrieved, all the gallery, judges and gunners moved over about 20 yards for Buddy's bird. He stood through his brace mates bird work and his own flush, shot and kill and was sent on a retrieve that was flawless. His range was perfect for the grounds, big, but not to big and his second find was perfect as well. He was seen in thick cover and as the judges and handler road up, he was found standing a bird off about 30 yards. He was flat footed, and patient as the bird flew off. His finish was strong and to the front handled with ease like he was on a string. This was his first broke dog placement this year. Buddy is really starting to put it all together now and is really going to be tuff to beat in the future. We are very proud of this new young dog because of the caliber of dogs he is competing against and the great job he doing now. Good luck Buddy Boyyyyyyy!

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