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 Bob and Sandra Deiterings "CASEY" wins the AGD in CA City


"Diesel's Rockin Casey Jones" with Matt Smith/Handler



Casey, handled by Amateur handler Matt Smith did a real fine job this weekend and came home with the Blue. He had a nice breakaway disappearing to the front and was found standing about 30 yards off his bird. It was flushed and shot about 60 yards out in front of him. He stood the shot, marked the bird way off and retrieved right to hand with ease and perfection. His next two finds were both out front. He was hunting smart and at all the right places. He handled them perfectly and went on to find a 4th bird over a rise. As the gallery rode over the hill he was found standing with style and intensity and his brace mate backing. Casey again handled this with maturity and patience and was sent on to finish huge and strong. Matt and his father Chris (Scouting) did an excellent job for both being new comers to the Field Trial game. Chris got a real workout trying to scout, help and walk his handlers dog out to the front and keep him out of trouble. Both guys are doing a fine job and are a real threat any time they go out with one of the seasoned veteran dogs. Keep up the great work guys.

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