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  Winter has arrived!

           The welcoming committee                   First snow of 2008


      Winter of 08      

                    Christmas Eve day                                     Exercise Yards buried

Winter set in on December 14, 2008. Expecting snow all week and maybe even a white Christmas. We don't see snow to often up here in the high desert but when it comes we welcome every drop on our dry ground. We have all the preparations in order. New hay in the kennel boxes, Heater cranked up in the kennel and coffee on the stove. Waiting for the Chukar to come down of the peaks so we can go have some fun. Hunting season started out real slow again this year with not much sign. The birds are really making you earn every one. Maybe with this new snow they will start to covey up and give us a better chance to find more of them. Good luck to all the dogs recently trained this year here at Hunting Dog Trainer.net kennels. Tough year again for young dogs. Lots of handling and not much action. Keep the faith, good luck, see ya out there.

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Carl & Ophelia Porter
P.O. Box 1882
12401 Fairlane Road
Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
760-885-1612 - 760-885-5924

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