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Pedigree - FC Rockin Rollin Billy   "Billy"

FC Rockin Rollin Billy was a dog that many modern day Shorthair dogs go back to. We select this dogs offspring to breed from because of the exceptional qualities that he possessed and produced. He was a enormous all age dog, had a great nose and produced some of the best German Shorthair Pointer foundation dogs that are being used today. Dogs like NFC/FC Rincon's Slick Willy, NFC/FC EE Rockin Rollin Jane, KB's Rockin Rollin Rebel, NGDC HK's Rockin Rocky, FC/AFC Billy Dee's Blues in A, FC Alpinblicks Cody, Rockin Rollin Jane, Sport V Rowekamp and many others that are direct decedents of his.  Our foundation bitch FC/AFC Billy Dee's Blues in A was a direct daughter of his. She had plenty of run, a superb nose and great trainability as well.  She too threw many of these same great qualities that we are still breeding for today. This dog continues to be one of the principal influences in our breeding program today. These old Greif/Moesgaard's mix bred to almost anything produce fantastic field trial and hunting dogs that we think are the some of the best German Shorthairs available.



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