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Zack and Dezi pups

Here are some of the pups sold out of the Zack and Dezi litter that have just gone to their new homes. These are pictures of the pups on the first experience with a wing on a string. They are being tested for natural pointing instinct. I think they pass. These pups are only 12 weeks and are already showing incredible intelligence and trainability. Now that we know these dogs have tons of natural point and beautiful style they will be spoiled rotten until they are ready to train. Lisa and Daisy are owned by Earl Ballance and Dennis Brown out of Kansas and are well under way to be some high end Hunting Dogs.  Java is owned by Matt Smith of California and will be trained in time as a field trial prospect. We are real pleased with this litter and have high hopes for all of them. The pedigree listed below is a litter mate to these pups in the pictures.


                              "Lisa & Daisy"                                                       "Java"


"Java"                                       "Lisa & Daisy"




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