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Pedigree - FC AFC Billy Dee's Blues in A   "Blues"

FC/AFC Reg. Ch Billy Dee's Blues in A. "Blues" as she was affectionately called was one of the most exciting bird dogs I ever had the pleasure of hunting and field trialing over. She had style, extreme range, a nose to die for, and was a dog that always wanted to please you in and out of the field. She was trained exclusively by Eldon Hongo, when I (Carl Porter) bought her at age 2, campaigned her for 4 years and during that time she became one of the most winning GSP's on the AKC and NGSPA field trial circuit during her career. Keith and Bobbi Richardson bought her at 6 and field trialed her, bred her and enjoyed her until she passed away in 2006. She was a direct descendent of two Great producers "FC Rockin Rollin Billy" and "FC/AFC Evolutions Deliverance". She goes back to such great dogs as FC/AFC Radbach's Sabastion v Greif, (HOF) NAFC/FC/AFC Beier's Evolution, (HOF) Quailrun's Roxy Roller, FC Aces Prima Banane, FC Radbach's Savage Von Greif, (HOF) FC Jigs White Smoke, (HOF) FC/AFC Ammertals Lancer D and (HOF) NFC/DC  Ehrlicher Abe to name a few. Her young descendents are now some of the most powerful dogs on the national field trial circuit and her lines produce some of the best hunting dogs in the nation. We have direct offspring from her and they are at Stud to approved bitches.


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