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The Arizona "Slayer"

"Quail Slayin Susie"

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On a recent trip to AZ with Adolfo, his pointer Susie, myself and 2 dogs I had the rare opportunity to see one of the dogs I personally trained in a real life, not training on wild birds, but end result of training wild bird hunting trip. I was so impressed with Susie that at times I had to stop and just stare at her. I watched her run and slam on point on the side of hills while we scrambled to get to her to shot "at" birds. This dog has all the right tools. She has great breeding, razor sharp natural hunting skill, an owner who hunts the hell out of her and the little I did to get her broke.
As a pro you don't often get to hunt a dog that you trained on wild birds. Especially with a dog that has been handed over to the owner that has done such a good job in keeping her where she was when she left. I am very proud of Susie and Adolfo for becoming one of the best hunting teams I had the fun of hunting with. We killed many birds over her and my two green dogs, had a great time hunting, telling stories, and screaming like a couple of school girls after some rare good shooting at the end. "DOUBLE". LOL.

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